around the IJ Harbour via Oranjesluizen

grassy paths on the shores of the Amsterdam harbour

around the IJ harbour via the Oranjesluizen (locks) Walk

10 miles/ 15 kilometres

Not for the faint-hearted! This 15 km (10 mile) tramp will take you to remote places where you need both a good map and a reasonable sense of direction. Although the length of the walk is not hugely strenuous, this route is remarkably rural and remote for a city walk. You'd be well advised to have some emergency nutrition with you, and water if it's a warm day. There is quite a stretch where you won't meet either a shop nor a café.

around IJ harbour via Oranjesluizen Walk (follow link to see in Google maps)

You will cross tiny watery inlets using self-service pontoon ferries. It's just a question of hopping on and then turning the cable-wheel to get you the few metres to the other side. Not a survival course by any means but if strolling along a canal to the next pinot grigio is your idea of a walk, then this is a bit more taxing.

The route is magnifique! It will whisk you out of the noise and fumes of the city to grassy paths on the shores of the harbour. You can almost visualize how all those tall ships set sail from here on their distant voyages. The legendary Dutch seafaring tradition may become more palpable once you’ve viewed the port from this angle.
You walk a good portion of the harbour and you cross the amazing ‘Oranjesluizen’ locks which are between the IJ and the Markemeer on the Ijsselmeer.  As you walk, you’ll recognize many familiar landmarks and you can gaze at Amsterdam’s eastern dockland development, KNSM eiland and Javaeiland. If you have binoculars with you, the jaunt will be even more interesting.

This walk is made considerably more doable by the new (in test phase) Oostveer ferry connection (ferry information and timetable) between north (Johan van Hasselt canal) and east (Azartplein) of Amsterdam. Otherwise, you'd have a few more kilometres to walk.

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