Wisteria East Short Walk

Wisteria along the Amstel  River in Amsterdam

Wisteria Walk on the Eastside, a shortish walk

1.85 miles / 2.9 kilometres

Walk less than 2 miles and see some wonderful wisterias along the way. Amsterdam is of course full of wisteria and laburnum so this is just one of the routes but ends with one fantastic wisteria that'll make you whistle WOW!

Wisteria East Walk (follow link to see in Google maps)

Start again on the Magere Brug (the Skinny Bridge) and follow the route according to the map, going eastwards to where Plantage Middenlaan and Sarphatistraat meet. Turn back westwards (south west) at this stage, along Sarphatistraat and duck into Spinozahof to continue further along the water, and away from traffic. You can remain on Sarphatistraat if you prefer of course.

The best Wisteria is on the last part of the walk, when you turn right off the Sarphatistraat, on to Amstel.

Best in early to mid-May, this year (2016) it'll be about May 15-28 when at their best but the horrible wind may destroy them. Towards end of May they are beginning to fade.

wisteria next to boat in keizersgracht near amstel riverwisteria on onbekendegracht
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